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Reuters Health reports.

Assumption of ‘down-low’ way of life can distort HIV/AIDS research A commentary published in the March issue of Annals of Epidemiology queries whether dark men pursuing a down-low lifestyle – – when dark men secretly have sexual intercourse with both male and female companions – – are causing a rise in HIV cases among black women, Reuters Health reports. The approach to life came to light after the media began to record on books written by such men, according to the commentary’s lead author, Chandra Ford of Columbia University . Part of what has happened because of that initial burst of stories. Is certainly that those whole tales often tied the straight down low to high rates of HIV infection among African-American women, which was not really backed by epidemiological data, Ford said.

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‘Bringing these technologies jointly into a single bundle within the size and price parameters discussed does present a significant challenge,’ they write. ‘A cost-effective integrated gadget will empower small and large nanotechnology sectors alike to reduce uncertainty over what their employees face, and enable them to build up safer working environments’ stated Maynard. ‘This will require targeted research into developing fresh methodologies and new instruments. But the rapid advancement and commercialization of nanotechnologies are leading to the need for effective, if not necessarily perfect, publicity measurement approaches and products to be developed as as possible soon.’ In 2005, nanotechnology was integrated into $30 billion in manufactured goods, lots predicted to grow to $2.6 trillion in annual manufactured goods by 2014.