We offer a variety of hair options for women and men ranging from basic cut and style to highlights, gloss, treatments and more.

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From pedicure and manicures to acrylic nails and toes we have just the right option to help you look your best.

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Everyone deserves to be pampered. We can  help you relax and rejuvenate w/ a facial, massage or with one of our spa packages.

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Analytical innovations top $10M in licensing income for PNNL.

The annual amount has increased in the last five years steadily. Since 1989, a large number of PNNL researchers have been enhancing the efficiency of mass spectrometers – – at first for use in PNNL's own environmental, national security and health-related research programs, and then as component of efforts to really improve the science effect of mass spectrometers available on the market. Mass spectrometry is an ultra-sensitive analytical technique that helps recognize and gauge the amount and type of elements, isotopes and molecules present in samples ranging from soils to proteins. It's used to analyze samples in the biotechnology widely, environmental, biofuel, national security, medical and drug tests fields.Candidly, smooth pores and skin makes the worried persons to stand together with others differently. Those experiencing skin problems generally take typical types of medicines handful of which often bring about side effects. That is why the patients today prefer to take advantage of ayurvedic medications for skin. Made by combining the organic ingredients; such treatments usually do not put any relative unwanted effects upon the users. However, they are susceptible to adverse impacts due to certain allopathic treatments. Following herbal items and other guidelines are regarded as the very best ayurvedic medicines designed to treat skin problems: – Fennel – This herb works like a solid energizer for human pores and skin. Blood circulation to the skin can be improved in a big method using its regular use.