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Human sequence monoclonal antibodies in chickens.

Anti-cancer antibodies produced in chickens A team of experts have produced the 1st functional fully, human sequence monoclonal antibodies in chickens. The antibodies had been in the chicken oviduct and deposited into egg white in concentrations of 1-3 milligrams per egg 10 mg . These antibodies apparently possess a much larger cell-killing ability compared to therapeutic antibodies produced by conventional cell tradition methods. The researchers from Origen Medarex and Therapeutics, Texas A&M University and the University of California, LA, believe their work demonstrates the prospect of generating therapeutic proteins with improved properties in the eggs of hens, instead of established mammalian cell culture systems. Robert J. Etches, Origen Therapeutics vice president, says that the antibodies made by this technique have virtually identical physical and biological characteristics to those stated in CHO cells.

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Nancy Brazil told CBS LA that she started noticing her smile wasn’t exactly like in her younger days. She said her lips had been thinner, and her cheeks were more hollow. There were more wrinkles around her mouth, her jawline wasn’t as sharpened, and she had more sagging epidermis under her chin. Although some women may opt for a facelift to repair these issues, Brazil decided to try anti-aging dentistry. The procedure fills out teeth that have been worn down by time, producing a fuller smile. ‘Anti-Aging Dentistry is certainly a way to actually modification the facial features through changing the teeth,’ Brazil’s dental professional, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, informed CBS LA. Dr. Sam Muslin, a dentist at Face Lift Dentistry in Santa Monica, Calif., writes on his website that people who appearance ‘grumpy or angry’ if they are not grinning or only show their lower teeth if they talk may want to consider the process.