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Whats this condition?

An elderly female with a recessing hairline An elderly woman presents with progressive recession of the frontal hairline. What’s this condition? A 71-year-old woman offered an 18-month history of progressive recession of the frontal hairline connected with lack of her eyebrows . The procedure had commenced instantly and was asymptomatic. Close study of the scalp margin revealed lack of follicular orifices and a clean pale epidermis. The anterior hairline experienced follicles associated with perifollicular erythema and minor scaling at their openings. Scalp biopsy showed a decreased number of hair roots. There is prominent perifollicular fibrosis and lymphocytic inflammation targeting many remaining follicles .‘It has become a fantasy of mine to become a part of great anti-cancer study, as my mother is a tumor survivor,’ stated Bradley Sibbald, a master’s degree applicant in SDSU’s molecular biology program and a co-writer of the analysis. ‘With the creation of the antibody, I now have a new investigative tool to help cure cancers with liquid tumors, which may be the focus of my current research.’ The research team was primarily made up of current and previous students of SDSU, in addition to researchers associated with Lpath Inc. Besides Sibbald, additional authors of the analysis include Barbara Visentin, John Vekich, Amy Cavalli and Kelli Moreno, all former SDSU students.