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Beyond recognizing odors.

Not merely will they not visit the odor, they will try to escape from it. Related StoriesMGH experts identify system behind the spread of neurofibrillary tanglesScientists recognize fresh jelly-like properties of important proteins that result in serious diseasesRestoring memory space in aging miceBargmann discovered a worm with a particular mutation to the gcy-28 gene that changed the neuron under research, known as AWC-on, leading to naive worms to flee from butanone. By systematically examining worms with different mutations impacting the AWC-on neuron along with other neurons that may impact the worm’s a reaction to butanone, the researchers could actually confirm that a particular chemical signaling pathway can be used by the AWC-on neuron to immediate the worms’ motion either toward or from the smell.Surface-improved Raman Spectroscopy offers this capability. Related StoriesCombatting viral and bacterial lung infections with volatile anesthetics: an interview with Dr ChakravarthyExpanded use for IntelliCap with further CE Tag for aspiration of fluidsReducing protocol time for 96-well PCR AssaysA journal article simply released on the nanotechnology site AZoNano examines making carbon nanotubes SERS energetic by functionalization with SERS active nanoparticles. This creates the possibility of sensitive study and identification of the different parts of cells extremely. In addition, the nanotubes could be put on a nanofluidic device where they are able to serve as an interconnection between a fluid reservoir and the cell, to both extract and deliver fluids. The consequences of the fluids on the cells could be studied in situ.